****2012 Summer of Fun

with India and Zoe

Doughnuts for Dinner!!!

Monday we made doughnuts for dinner!  We made glazed, powdered sugar, and sugar.  I liked the plain sugar the best, India liked the powdered doughnuts, and my mom liked the glazed the best.  There was something for everyone!  One more item marked off our summer list.


So far this summer we have watched:

13 going on 30

We bought a Zoo

Big Fish


Katy Perry Movie


Steel Magnolias


Mirror Mirror

Open Season 3

Life as We Know it

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off



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Summer so far

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So far this summer our adventures have taken us to Lake Tahoe. Were we went to our cousin Clara’s graduation it was very hot outside but pretty.  After graduation we went out front and went long boarding.  Long boarding is like skate boarding but on a bigger board and its easier to control.  We ran wild in there forresty backyard and then back to Vegas.

Both Zoe and I attended camps this year.  I went to Broadway Camp and really enjoyed the dancing and singing.  Zoe went to Robotics camp and wasn’t exactly thrilled with it.  I don’t think she’ll be returning next year.

So far we have watched 3 movies, went swimming, shopping, took pictures and are now heading out of town for the weekend to Bishop, California.

Movies so far this summer-
(We are trying to get through as many movies as we can, if you have any recommendations, please comment)

We Bought a Zoo

13 Going on 30

Big Fish

Bye!  Until next time- India-Rose

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Silver Smile

I hate braces, when i eat i only get half the meal and the other half gets stuck in my braces…. this better be worth it!!

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Just Peachy Popsicles

Tonight we made peach popsicles. These are my favorite so far, but we will be making them throughout the summer so maybe I will find something I like better.  If you want to see the recipe and more pictures, go to the popsicle page.

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Summer of fun list!

Yep.  It’s that time again.  Time to plan what’s in store for our family for the next 3 months.  Once again, we’ve made a wish list of all we would like to accomplish.  It’s bigger and better this year.  So, let’s see how much and what we can get done!  We are on a mission!

Summer of fun List-  by India and Zoe

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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog.  We are India and Zoe and we are READY to have a summer of fun and activities and share them with you!!!!